Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Try Ruby in 15 minutes

There's been more and more buzz on Ruby and Ruby on Rails, especially in the Agile community.  If you're interested in seeing what this dynamically-typed language is all about, try out the following 15 minute interactive tutorial on Ruby:


I'm interested in learning more about Rails.  Something always seemed off to me with ASP.NET, where easy scenarios with classic ASP became much more difficult in ASP.NET.  Working with DataGrids and GridViews is always a nightmare.  All of the ViewState, page event lifecycle, postbacks, controls, etc. seemed to abstract the easy stuff (HTML) and mostly just get in the way of what I want to do.


Anonymous said...

When you say Rails, do you mean Ruby on Rails or MonoRail, more specifically? Are you thinking about changing languages? C# -> Ruby

Jimmy Bogard said...

Rails is the framework for web applications, Ruby is the language. Rails = Ruby on Rails. MonoRail is inspired by the Rails MVC framework, but it's a completely different framework.

With DLR coming, maybe there could be "C# on Rails", but I enjoy Ruby's simplicity. I wouldn't write a web service in RoR, or a WinForms App. It fits well for web applications.