Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Refining daily stand-ups

I rediscovered a great article that helped my old Scrum team to refine and improve our daily stand-ups:


Most of the smells mentioned manifested themselves at one time or another, but frequent abuses included:

  • Reporting to the Leader
  • Stand-up Meeting Starts the Day... Late
  • I Can't Remember
  • Problem Solving

I only found this article the first time after our 10th sprint or so, unfortunately.  So many activities and artifacts, whether it's a process, project management, developing, code, etc. have recognizable smells, it can be difficult to recognize these smells when they exist.

I think I need a new general, all-encompassing smell of "smell ignorance".  That's when you don't know the smells of a particular area, and not knowing the smells limits your ability to improve and succeed.

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