Monday, January 7, 2008

NBehave source moved to Google Code

Well, we're fed up with it.  CodePlex is a great home for everything...except source control.  We've decided to keep all things project related (wiki, releases, discussions, etc.) on CodePlex, but move our source to Google Code.

We got the inspiration from the MvcContrib project, which is doing the same thing.  Too many people love their SVN, it turns out.  With Google Code, we can use SVN as our SCC provider instead of TFS.  Pulling down source, submitting patches, and other source-related tasks should get much easier.

Our Google Code project can be found here:

And the source can be browsed here:

Our public CCNET instance has been updated, which can be found here:

It's been a bit of a journey integration NSpec and finding a new home for the source code, and moving to SVN should make all of our lives a little easier.


Colin Jack said...

Just wondered if you had any when you will release a version that has the integration with NSpec?

kzu said...

I guess now that they have official SVN support, you can go back ;)

Adi said...

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