Thursday, October 25, 2007

RSpec gone wrong

I've seen some weird things in code comments, but with RSpec, you can take programming humor to a different level.  Don't let your customers see these, though.  Here are a few RSpec specifications gone completely wrong:

#this crap needs to be refactored. it makes no sense.
describe QueryFacade, "when querying for opportunities" do
  it "should be refactored" do

That was from Terry, here's another I found floating around somewhere:

describe "Buffalo Bill" do
  it "places the lotion in the basket" do

That a Silence of the Lambs reference, folks.  And finally:

describe "our insane customer Initech" do
  it "should stop asking for ridiculous features and make up their $%^*ing mind" do

Waaaay too much free time...

1 comment:

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